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Open Your Mind

The wind sighs softly through barren trees,
Bearing a chill on the restless breeze.
Storm clouds gather in the eastern sky,
A silent signal that rain draws nigh.

The muted rumble of thunder from afar,
A faint sprinkle of rain the dust to mar.
So stark the land, so harsh and bleak,
Relaxing my soul, its solace I seek.

The land neither judges nor desires such,
It simply IS, not asking for much.
A lesson I wish more people could learn,
Before the world to ashes they turn.

I hike on, through rocky, broken terrain,
As the sprinkle turns to a driving rain.
I smile faintly as the storm enfolds me,
I am one with the land, my spirit soars free.

No longer encased in this prison of flesh,
A part of something greater, as spirits mesh.
Man seeks to subdue and bring nature to heel,
When he should open his mind and simply feel.

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Open Your Mind