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{Love life series}
As I'm walking on air in a cool breeze
its' effervescence of life puts my mind at ease
In my head plays the happy tune
I'll be strumming along before too soon

Surely so, after not too long,
I hum the sounds heard all around

Chevalier trees beckon "if you please"
on bow-of-knee they ask of me.
Taking my hands we dance a-prance
and twirl to the rhythm of this romance.
As the Flowers sway
I am swept away entranced
inside this festive day.

Happily, the bees don't sting
only echoes of their wings are here to sing

Then birds joined in with chirps of laughter
in a span of time, shortly thereafter
Flying up high, swooping down low
are twenty birds all in a row

Alas! the grass not to be outdone nor very last
couldn't let this moment past
raised its' blades
to my amazement, {just before the music fades}
rocked the roots down under the pave__
and rowed in motions as smooth as waves

It's astonishing how nature behaves
One never knows whenever it craves__
the need to show us that we are one
{all of us born under the sun};
how to have a little fun.

Behold! this joyful wind that blows again__
assurance of it's never end.

And that's the story from All of us
in this moment of Felicitous


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre

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