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Endless Day
In the deepest darkness, a warm and gentle flame appears.
A piece of light to console my tears.
In the flame, a warm faith is unconcealed, now that scar of 
Pitch and loneliness are released, the pain has decreased
Walking, running, I lift my eyes to the vastness of midnight skies.
A heart of compassion beats to the sound of thunder.
I watch fears fall and  torn asunder
Holding dear the value of fleeting fear, finding solace far, but near.
All will gather in a liquid matter and flow away to the growing light
that wipes away the darkness of cold dismay of night.
A fraction of light of midnight's shadow will display
Now comes the view of life in an endless day.
The peace with hope will guide the way.
"Come what come may time and the hour runs through the roughest day."   (Quote from Shakespeare,'s Macbeth)
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Endless Day