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(Slam Poetry) Poetry Is Art

Poetry is art, it is, Each poem has to be read in a unique way. Cause if read wrong it sounds like you're bored, or you wanna be done with it so you read it really really fast and skip or add an extra word. Poetry is art, based by the fact that it reaches out to you with sharp claws grabbing you, pulls you in and doesn't let go until you're done. And at last when it lets go it leaves a scar, a memory of itself on you forever. Sometimes poetry screams at you, letting you know it's there. And that helpful scream pulls you into a magical adventure you enjoy for a second, but feels like an eternity. Poetry is art, because like art poetry expresses itself with mixed colors, emotions, and stories leading to a new beginning at the end of it. And throughout the poem a new picture is painted behind it as though the words are the majestic background, the story is the calm image being painted and the rhyme being the finishing touches. Poetry is art as though eyes comes in pairs as do a couple on a date belong together as one. Or as a set of die rolled, rolled as a couple landing on a two and three then set beside each other never to be touched again, forever touching forever a couple. Poetry, is something I always look to, like a boy to his father when he needs words of advice, or words of wisdom he will remember forever. But the only words I will always remember from my father, my teacher, my poems, is that, poetry is art.

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(Slam Poetry) Poetry Is Art

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