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Compassion Stands

Cloudy days of stillness appears as one, long after the night is gone.
Visions of a shooting star of the night before replays the scene once more.
Sweat clinging to my leather seats, grey days when sunshine fleets.
Holding my pen in hand just try to understand this Erie feeling of cold demands.
Unlike the vibrant days of cheer, now shows the overcast shadows of looming fears.
The road of years past are far behind, hoping many years ahead to find.
The soul of kindred deeds walk the miles where valor leads.
The clouds will part in time, the sun will shine once more.
Meet the visitor's life gives, being thankful for those moments that live.
Know sorrows will someday forgive with dignity on your side.
Open doors, that are in command when the light of compassion truly stands.

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Compassion Stands