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Harsh Thoughts (Insult Poetry)

The ()'s are the harsh thoughts reaching out.

I gave her a gift and she just cried
(That's obviously a lie)
At times I smile to make her feel whole
(Is that really your end goal?)
A tear is shown but not of pain
(Oh really, is it the crying rain?)
Maybe that a broken boy
(Then go play with your toys)
Man, that was harsh
(I thought it was clever and smart)
Maybe you ought to think positive
(You've got a better chance dating a squid)
That's not very nice
(Says the dude who's carrying lice)
You know that's not true
(You never denied)
What am I suppose to do go by the price?
(Your better of dead)
Just leave me alone
(You can't stop fire when it's in the zone)
( A random insult, a clever respond)
( Just listen to me, I'll never tell ya wrong)
(You may get hurt, or possible cry)
(Just listen to me I'll never lie)
Just stop your bad
(I-I thought it was go--)
NO, just shut up.

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Harsh Thoughts (Insult Poetry)

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