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Prime Minister’s Question Time
With Mister Speaker in the Chair
Which, rather than being informative,
Fills me with anger and despair.
It really shouldn’t take long
For any observer to realise
It’s just an exercise in evasion
Propaganda and downright lies.

The incumbent Pimp Master
Primps and mouths and poses
With the opposing members
Looking down their noses.
The hoi polloi scream and bellow
Like a pack of raucous fools,
Behaviour that would’ve had pupils
Excluded from their primary schools.

The Mother of Parliaments reduced
To a state of incoherent babble
By, for the most part,
An ill informed rabble.
ParliamentaryDemocracy in action
By live broadcast to every home
Or a present day Caesar fiddling
To the burning of a modern Rome.

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Primr Minister`s Question Time