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A Valley Calls

It was a sun-filled Autumn day when life made its way.
A beautiful baby girl is born in the Valley of Rocky Mountain Fay.
Church bells rang out with cheer when half past twelve a new life appeared. 
Her beautiful Mother held her infant near with loving arms so dear. 
The color of Autumn embraced the Valley and touched the heart of newborn Sally.
Three years of growth and loving ways filled her nights and days.
Then her family and Sally moved far away. 
Many years and love touched her life she became a loving wife, children of her own; 
Filled her and her husbands home. 
Sally still longed for the sight of snow-capped Mountains light, someday she would return.
In the Valley of her birth, a golden moment of monumental worth,
Miles of the years brought Sally love, laughter, and sometimes tears.
One bright Autumn day, as she was watching her children play, she looked up and caught a glimpse
Of Rocky Mountain Fay, she returned for one brief moment captured in the innocence of child's play.
There is a journey back home that she will take when this story continues across deserts and blue placid lake.
Please watch for A Valley Calls, Two.  A story that I Hope will uplift and fulfill many or at least a Few.

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A Valley Calls