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Undefeated Grace

In the mirror reflects the gleam of light that springs forth an untamed sight. 
Long wailing painful sighs drift to the open skies the mournful heart slips by.
Days like this holds the grief in relentless disbelief.
Windows open to give us air and bring breath to elicit raveled tears.
A sorrow walks full-circle and binds to hold the mind,
Release the grip with quivering lips to see the comfort of another kind.
Soft melody of doom begins to walk the room, protest certain gloom.
Where is the warmth that carried me? Where is the hope, does it flee?
If all has crashed, comes tumbling down, warmth and hope are lost upon the ground. 
I seek to find a silver lining to your heart and ask for the warmth to not depart.
So you hold me loving to your chest and send my gloom to its rest.
Life and love withstand the test and golden linings seal its crest.
Come dry the tears from sorrow's face;
Hope and warmth return in love's embrace, sending doom far away to another place.
Days like today has found the treasure of undefeated grace.

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Undefeated Grace