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A Valley Calls Part Two

It was a beautiful Summers day, the sun looked upon the face of the earth, and shared its radiant worth.
Soft blue skies that kissed the eyes that release the soaring soul in a royal blue paradise.
Nine-thirty a.m. arrived with a knock on the door perhaps a mail-order dress, but no a serious message sent to 
Sally's address.
Sally was wrong, a telegram that brought the news of her Grandmother's death, Sally lost her breath.
She became weak on her feet, she staggered to find a seat,  she looked into her husband's eyes, she shooked her head;
Sally, released her mournful sighs. 
Her Grandmother was her mentor, a blessing to her in many ways, a full life of 93, her wisdom Sally will always see. 
The remembrance of Grandmother was a gift of love no longer in this world, she went to her home above.
Sally took a jet to pay her last respects, a journey over the Mojave desert, and past Lake Tahoe, onto California. 
Her family would see the mountain snow caps and the base of the Valley the home of Sally's birthplace.
Her family was always with her through such trying times.
So the family left in a matter of hours to return to the Valley of Rocky Mountain Fay. 
Midday journey was on the way, the Valley calls to Sally's heart as the jet quickly departs.
High above the desert sands, high above the lakes rippling waters, the Mountain Tops begin to show.
Touching down upon the runway, in a small airport, this mighty jet lands close to the Valley so grand.
Sally and her family leave the jet, they were so happy to touch down upon the soil, as they look above; 
An eagle soars on high, a flight that drifts with a watchful eye.
Sally feels a warm and gentle peace as she sees the Valley's light nearing the hour of the night. 

A Valley Call's is a trilogy so watch closely for part three.
This series is dedicated to a very good friend, my way of giving thanks for her beautiful caring ways.
God Bless you, my Friend.

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A Valley Calls (Part Two)