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She Said, YES

Take one knee, do what's expected of me.
Whew, did I say that right?  She said, YES!
Arrangements are met and the date is set.
Happiness surrounds, Reverence abounds;
By God, we are blessed.
Headed towards the Aisle Holy.
Face adorned with gossamers vale,
Virgin white dress, dressed in frails,      
Adored woman soft and fair.
Beautiful toned wavy hair
A beauty that's gracious, unsurpassed,
A beauty that shall last and last.
Walking down the Aisle Holy,
Allegiance to your one and only,
Promises shared, vows declared,
Opened arms the Aisle Holy.
Two directions form none
Separate paths adjoined two into one;
Strolling down the Aisle Holy.

For You, My loving Wife.

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She Said, Yes