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A winter's nap has left a gap in work and play.
It must be the loss of light of day. 
Where are the geese that swim the lake?
They flew south for winter break.
What happened to my backyard, the trees are naked
Dead leaves are chard, They stand nude and oh, so rude.
Where are the butterflies that danced upon the meadow's grace?
Seems Mother Nature has a sad, lifeless face.
Bring back the life of Spring, bring back the vibrant things,
please bring back the birds that sing.
It is a matter of no control when snow begins to roll.
Seasons do their thing so I might as well, find a song to sing.
Hold on to strength and bare the length, when northern winds release its sting.
I must remember late Autumn and winter's icy kiss, is just a visitor on season's list.
When the cold passes by, I'll gladly say, Goodbye.

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Season`s List