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A Valley Calls Part Three

The light was drifting through the windows to bring the warmth of summer's golden rays;
Sally was up to prepare her family breakfast, they stayed in her Grandmothers home and rested well.
Today services for her Grandmother are held at the Valley's Church her Place to Rest would be by the Silver Birch. 
The church was filled with townspeople, as the bell rang in the steeple. 
People loved Margret Ann Fay she was beloved by everyone in the beautiful Valley of Rocky Mountain Fay, 
William Fay, the Beloved Founder, had built the town Sixty years ago in the warm soft Spring.
His hope, love and, skill were crafted in this town no one had ever seen him frown. 
When the town was complete, the people gathered at the church to meet. 
Bells filled the Valley that day when the town was named after William Fay. Now his loving wife's service is held this day. 
Sally saw her Grandmother laid to rest, as her heart ached within her chest.
Closing up her Grandmothers home there comes a knock upon the door, Pastor Mckenny had a parcel for Sally.
Seems she had rights to her Grandmothers home and half of the Valley.
She gave the Church her Rights to the Valley,   the church could expand, and meet the townspeople needs with an open hand.
She kept her Grandmother's home, ten acres of beautiful kelly green, the foot of the Mountains, clearly seen. 
A place she saw often in her dreams.  With a thankful heart, Sally and her family made a new start. 
She walked the land and felt a warmth of peace she would grow to understand.
The beauty and peace that filled this place touched her heart with comforting grace.
As Sally walks back to the house, she envisions her Grandmothers loving face.
Yes, there was peace in the Valley she calls home, Rocky Mountain Fay embraced Sally and her family each day. 
For many generations love and peace lives on.

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A Valley Calls (Part Three)