You! --
are a coward
and I,
am an untamed beast --
have made this table
and will consume
THIS feast --
dining on your blood
while you gasp for breath,
watching you struggle
knowing all the while
I was your last! --
best! --
bet! --
I wanted a friend
a lover,
you wanted an enemy
you cannot escape,
me --
I am
a raging tsunami
a hurricane at best
You are the grains of sand
that my ravaging waves
kiss and caress --
I am prepared for battle,
anticipating the war!
I was too much
while you left me
wanting more --
a tofu dish
when I am
a carnivore --
a predator,
waiting in the midst
a hunter
out to get
your blood
that will quench my thirst
and wet my lips --
I am savage
and you are unkempt!
A goddess amongst peasants,
A queen amongst slaves;
I will consume you
and never remember your name --
the spirit unbroken,
wild and free
a savage,
a beast in these here lands
consuming you whole!
once again --

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