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Mad Scientist

A brilliant mind, dedicated wtih zeal,
Yet unable to care, unable to feel.
Brushing aside all safety concerns,
Experimenting on the living is how he learns!

Hunger for power grows with his skill,
First to torture, then to kill.
His progression is sure, his doom certain,
Yet many are his victims ere the final curtain.

Banned from society, shunned by his peers,
His actions give credence to their frightful fears.
Perhaps his experiments return the dead to life,
Or mayhap merge demon with reluctant wife

Monstrous creations rise from his hidden lair,
Eyes glazed over with vacant stare.
Blank of mind and lacking in will,
He sends them forth to plunder and kill.

What twisted path led him to this sorry state?
What blackened heart turned love to hate?
What warped madness fuels his tainted passion?
what trick of fate prompts him to act in this fashion?

Should you hear a cackle of laughter so sly,
Or catch a gleam of madness in an evil eye,
Remember not all monsters are outwardly so,
Some have hearts bearing an unholy glow.

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Mad Scientist