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Life's Vision

I envision my life,  beginning in pastel colors to be my truth,
The pale blue skies would open my eyes in sweet Springtime youth.
Reaching for knowledge and faith to grow and prosper in my life's natural flow. 
School of skills that feed my mind, life lessons both cruel and kind, my days moves on for me to find.
Birds of Summer that drift above the Sea would dance to love and set my heart free, to care for home and family. 
Autumn whispers in my ear to hold soft memories near.  A generation now has grown and gone.
Efforts to instill strong foundations to build upon.
Life would bring many splendid things, the soft sway of each newborn day would come and fade; 
As leaves of amber golden hue cling to the crimson dew,
Sun has greeted the dawn of early winters view, walking with the gentle soul as we come ashore,
In olden days of yore.

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Life`s Vision