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A Poet's Spirit

A poet's spirit tells a story that can brighten someones day or in other words hurt someone.
It can carve an image in your soul in your eyelids to transform the person reading the person into someone completely new.
And times the poet's spirit can hold you and the people around you down and bring a tear into the eyes of the reader causing emotion of joy or udder sadness.
At times a poet must control his or her poet's spirit or it can bring them down so much entirely corrupting their poetry forever or even stop them from doing poetry.
Poetry is not a promise it is power that will heal if your hurt or even save you from total damnation due to the devil as he controls the tongue of your spirit completely wiping God away from you forever.
And at last a poet's spirit is strong enough to overpower you as yourself in many ways find a way to control it and use it to advantages that will help you.

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A Poet`s Spirit

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