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"Man's Forsaken Earth"

~~~from the "Dig My Own Grave Series"~~
["Dig My Own Grave" is a series of writings in a reflection of mental preparation...
~~~Each scoop of dirt rids the mess where I'm to be finally laid to rest~~~]

................................{Cry For My Sister}

It's written that the earth was created and given to man to till._
And once man learned right from wrong has been responsible for
man's own will.

Man has changed the plan laid down for him regarding the way to live._
And now man fight and take more than he offers, shares
or gives.

Everything man has ever needed was placed at arm's length._
And now man must toil the land but only receive a tenth.

All creatures great and small once roam the earth in solemn peace._
And now blood must flow and homes destroyed before the fighting cease.

Fresh air, green grass, flowing streams, valleys and hills..._
are now used in pursuit to satisfy man's greed, wants, and thrills.

This beautiful earth was formed with love and left in man's good hands._
And now it's death, destruction, war, and famine far throughout the lands.

Many have tried to compensate for all the damages done._
But to man's own folly; has given those sins to his son.

If you look around the earth today you'll see it's not the same._
So don't strut with your heads held high while making God the blame.

Nothing is as it once was for what Man's undertaken._
And now this earth's a dismal place and truly man-forsaken.


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`Man`s Forsaken Earth`