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"What's The Point?"

Some people say the world is round, some say the world is flat.
But once the truth is learned of it, what's gonna be done with that.

Will the knowledge make a difference to the state the world is in?
If so, why not simply tell us just how and where to begin?

Will it give us a direction to go or an idea of where to run?
A place to hide and shield ourselves until the fighting's done.

What about the water to drink and food to feed our young?
To know of this, Will it help to decide which people to be among?

What's the point of who's facing right or left, upward or looking down?
As of now no matter the direction I turn, my feet are on the ground.

There are so many more important and urgent issues to decide.
This "MUST" be a topic of concern of those with time to bide.

Not to undermine, there must be a secret to this somehow... somewhere.
Because there are people out here making bombs that are nuclear!!!


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`What`s The Point?`