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I Waited for you


The Fairy and The Stranger

Little fairy

I didn't think about you

I am Greatful

Lost in thought

No Longer

Making A Dream Come True

No Longer

There is nobody to blame

A moment's peace

Once More



Doesn't matter anyway

What I Want



Heavy is the crown



Found My Home

Who am I anymore

What happened to me

A Fallin Rose

Places like this

Draw a line


This is a different person

Just wait and see


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​​   Communication is key, but you don't really even know me.
I say what I mean , and I mean what I say. This kindness you won't repay. I'm transparent as glass, while you force me to ponder every silence, glance and pass . It's hard to trust this alliance, based on a weary chance. Is it even worth this trouble? Because it feels a lot like being trapped in a strange bubble.
  I appreciate all the fun but , to this hun I can't relate . It could be a blessing for me to bail, I've already been to hell. I'm never going back,I swear I'll never take that flack again .  Talk to me and ease my mind, I hate playing games you'll find. If you answered please,I'd forgive you with ease.
Play this game once more , I promise I'm heading for the door. Your life is busy as is mine. If I'm worth it make the time, if not go and cause no strife . Really I'm always going to be fine and quite alright.. Don't make me draw the line,  for this I won't fight.

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