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 Ladies of distinction

Ladies of distinction read my poems,

Ladies of a certain style and pomp,

Ladies with a taste for something naughty,

Something they may say blew off their socks.


Ladies of importance turn my pages,

Ladies who take champagne oyster lunch,

Ladies with a taste for something sexy,

Something oooh! To make a lady blush.


Ladies of vast fortune send me feedback,

Ladies with a penchant for my pen,

Ladies with a lust for something risque,

Something to be read at night in bed.


Ladies of high rank read all my writing,

Ladies with a look and lust neckline,

Ladies with a taste for titillation,

Something on the wild and wicked side.


Ladies of renown can’t wait to comment,

Ladies of distinction at the top ...

But I must go, a poem needs completing,

For ladies in dire need of something hot.

© Joseph G Dawson