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Compassion Never Fails

Days grow shorter, long hours of the night appear.
A chill begins to hold the brief hours of the day.
Sunday enters the Grey skies, the spirit softly cries.
It is the light of solace that touches my craving eyes.

Bringing faith unto the place that warms the heart in Heaven's trace.
Soft stillness calls the soul to reach a heighten goal.
Morning Doves sleep warmly they know well-unspoken wisdom's spell.
Awake the dream's that whispers a rich enchanting spell.

Walk the golden street that glows on weary feet.
Break the silence with the sounding heart of calm.
Reach for serenity in light of hazy dawn.
Bend the ear to Angels song and feed the day, becoming strong.

In shallow moments pass, the warmth will fill my glass.
A tender glance will beckon an unordinary chance.
Thunder fills the air to release extraordinary care.
Lightning strikes the spot to sail when love entails.
( compassion never fails)

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Compassion Never Fails