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Its okay to love at a distance

Is this a psychological fact

Is this a psychological fact

Do you really want me

The twinflame eyelock

To my inner soulmate

I took a hiatus


Broken hearts by evil magic

Green feelings


Mr Shy Guy


A culture worth breaking


Expectation = Reality

Your Dilemma

Your Dilemma

He saves me everyday

Same old love with you


Stay single and stay happy

Clean wealth

Looking for trouble


Look beyond eyes

Social media reality

The grass is short baby

Deep Thoughts Arabian

Deep Thoughts Arabian



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She misses him 

Keeping these secrets well to herself and to God
She tries to break the sorcery by the evil mistress 
who wanted her beauty and her intellect 
Now she is severely struck with invisible illnesses 
Only God knows her pain 
She fights the black magic every single day 
She wishes she can have him back only the ship is long sailed 
No kids like she had imagined 
No growing old together 
The romance died too soon 
She forgives him now she knows he wasn't behind the evil 
Only it was family 
Whom she wished pulled the trigger, but they would rather stand there and watch her suffer 
For the rest of her life 


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Broken hearts by evil magic



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