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Mystery Cabin

Many years ago in a small town by the sea was a small cabin of mystery.
The windows were made of stardust, the doors made of silver tin foil.
A cardboard shutter as yellow as butter. How could this be, so flimsy it 
should fall apart.
The roof was made of marshmallow crust, unlike the former roof subject to rust.
It was plain to see no one lived there, it was empty for many years.
The wind and rain would spin it around then set it firmly back on the ground.
People of the town were afraid to go near, it shook and shimmied any time of the year.
One day a boy and his curiosity decided to go inside within its walls three Ghost did abide.
Transparent and boisterous to say the least, they were rowdy and cantankerous like wildebeest.
Jimmy was not afraid, he laughed at each one as they flickered then fade.
A Mama ghost a very rude host, a Papa ghost who loved to boast. There was a baby ghost so pleasant and kind.
This ghost was one of a kind. Haunting and taunting the cabin within, the baby ghost wore a sweet loveable grin.
Now Jimmy had no place to go when a storm rolled in harsh winds started to blow.
Jimmy stayed until the dawns first light he slept soundly that stormy night.
Jimmy would visit now and then, The Ghostly Trio became his friends.
This is one Ghost story with a happy ending
Best wishes The Trio, the three ghost are sending.

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Mystery Cabin