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Mystery Woman Part 2 (11/05/18)

I'm embarrassed by fear,
Scared thoughts pop in and out,
Afraid of her response,
I would stand there wanting to hug you but don't because I am afraid of how you would respond,
What do I say?
Hi, it's been a long time coming, as though I've known your for three weeks it feels like I've known you my whole life. At times I wish caring for you was something I could do forever and in the end I love it.
If I could spend at least one day with you, I would have closure I would be happy and I feel as though I could die tomorrow and be happy in the after life.
And after all that she would probably say something,like well how do you feel about me?
I am someone who would get you up in hard times, I would tell you I am there for you on rainy days I would brush the dirt off your shoulder hug you and say days are hard but together we can overcome anything.
In the end meeting you brought joy to me on the worst of days I would smile by the sound of your voice, in the total end I would be happy

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Mystery Woman Part 2 (11/05/18)

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