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"At This Very Moment"

~~~For my new friend....."Allseasonsverse"

It's a rainy Tuesday morning at an early time of day;
as I sit at my breakfast table my feet begin to sway.

My mind drifts to the dawn of just the other day;
I decided to visit a new friend; to hear what she
had to say.

She has an unique way about her; of a different style.
So I took a seat to settled down to stay for just
I skimmed through All the seasons she had gathered
and compiled
Alas! I eyed a verse of hers and my lips begin to

She has a gift of encouraging words; and that of
healing hands.
To be a friend and a kindred spirit is marvelously
super Grand!

To Know that "At This Very Moment", she makes weary
heart's content, as she listens to sounds of prayers;
and to dying souls repent.

She holds their hand to raise their heads as they're
laying in their beds.
Whispers gentle words of comfort; happily giving them
their meds.

It's her job to keep them company assuring they're
never alone;
to bow with them in silent prayer the very moment
their souls atone.

'Tis the honor and privilege of the nursing ladies
and gents.
A prevalent premise of the many ways their time on
earth is spent.

We Hail to Ye who spread light and love all around the
Universe; and to they who mend wounds and heal spirits
Every day throughout "Allseasonsverse"

Frankly speaking, she is not only __one of the many few;
She's a loving and kind friend of new __
and one of my many first.

Thank you for your service and friendship!


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`At This Very Moment`