After The Death

After The Death
What's the next?
Often, a man thinks
In Coat of a mink
Eat with whole
Drink with whole
Takes Forty winks
In homely heeds.

What's the next?
Wife will cry..
Seeing death throe
Wife will cry..
without an end
Son and daughter
Carries his pride
Near the coffin
Friends and foe
Morns and smiles

What's the next?
Funeral gets over.
Tribute on time
Prayers going
May the Soul RIP
Life in a dusk
Crowds there
Forget all sins
Praise his deeds

What's the next?
Darkness ticks
Dispersal proceed
Wallpapers shared
In social media
Dyed frameworks
The photo hangs.
Wall of his house
Something there
It's a fortune.

After the death
What's the next?
Years passed
Generations gone
Litters detritus
Embedded earth
In the grave land
New Generations saw
Green meadows blooms.

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After The Death

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