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Come, Take a Stand

I remember this tree, a small sprout long ago. 
The buds of cherry blossoms in Springtime flow.
Bittersweet fruit that makes the pie,
Bringing a shimmer to a young child's eye. 

Autumn fills the land while dancing leaves command. 
So sun and breeze look through the trees and brings
Bare beauty to its knees.
Let the heart rebound, as soil sleeps in the seasoned ground.

Running up the grassy hill, my old Hound Dog invites a rustic thrill. 
Tractors no longer run apace, when the whirlwinds spin in place. 
A bounty of Summers crop will set the table fine when Thanksgiving 
Appears to dine. A table full of delight that embraces the family's light. 

A gentle look beyond the hill and dale where mornings sail.
I find a greater shade of pale, in the forest open trails.
My fire within my home greets me with inviting warm.
I will cherish it's peace when storms come in cold release.

A day, a notch in time will rise and fall, in the climb, but a golden torch,
One that burns strong when Angels Sing to the earth a loving song 
The greatest light fulfills the land with Gods design so grand.
Come to walk with me, and feel the grace of His mighty hand.
 (Come by my side, come, take a stand)

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Come, Take a Stand