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When Beauty Speaks your Name

Rise to your own drummer.  Let your misty eyes be soothed.
A creative heart embraces the light and brings the hope that 
Fills the space where life takes place, possess no doubt,  the song
of Angels are all about.
My Dear friend, the poet lives within, a gentle gaze, it will penetrate
The smokey haze.
Stand to touch the outline of our Makers face, feel His warming grace.
You are not alone, we gather by your side,  where golden poetry abides.
One of your own, when identity becomes full blown. 
Standing by your side the unity of prosperity will need no space to hide.
So let your pen move on, and meet the crimson dawn, where, heart,
Mind and soul find peace to flow upon.
Rise my friend your work is never done.
The poet and The Man become the same when beauty speaks your Name.

©Allseasonsverse 2018/8/11
All Rights Reserved

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When Beauty Speaks your Name