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"Path of Kings" a bedtime story for my son

~~~ customs to rekindle ~~~
.................................{Without Petals}

In a humble home huddle the parents of a young lad who feared he
may never return for being lost to the world; when suddenly
the door opens; he enters the room. His clothes are in disarray.
Blood trails his head down unto his face and arms. His eyes
piercing triumphantly; about his neck a woman's scarf.

His father being startled raised his hand for silence. Slowly
he stands to give his son his undivided attention. Clearing
his throat, the son said, "I now walk the path of Kings,
father." "No longer am I a child."

He removes the scarf from around his neck to offer his mother.
"Father!" he continues..."I am beaten, bruised, and battered.
My blood runs from my body. I barely have the strength to stand
my ground, Yet all who crossed my path saluted me and cleared
my way." "Father, I fought a big man today in defense of a
young woman. He was twice my size and statue. Yet, with all
my might I fought him. He laughed as he beat me continuously
to the ground. I did not give up, father!; I fought until I
could not raise my head or lift a finger. I thought to myself
{I have failed her} and he would continue to harm her. But he
himself grew tired and went his way. I could not see father,
because my blood filled my face, but I felt someone nearby. As
I tried to right myself and wipe the blood from my face, the
young woman was there with a bright smile. And in her out-
stretched hands were this scarf.

I took the scarf in bewilderment and held it awkwardly when
an old man came to me and as he saluted me he said "please
allow me to be the first to greet one so young who walks
the "Path of Kings"."

His mother, after examining the scarf begins to fold it, then
gently places it upon the shelf of remembrance while his
father, too proud to speak, salutes his son in honor.

{A boy becomes a man whenever the thoughts in his
head compels him to take a stand}


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`Path of Kings` a bedtime story for my son