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Trapped in a world that's separate than everything else
A world where all you want to do is sleep
Sleep is the only thing that gets rid of the cruel headaches
Only wanting to cry all because of the pain
Losing balance is a normal
First entering this world seven and a half years ago
Being crosschecked falling backwards into the boards thinking I broke my back
On the way to the hospital right away
100% dependent on people to help me walk/move
Not knowing a thing about who I was
Scared all alone
Finding out later that night I had a severe concussion
The next day remembering my name
But nothing else
Going six years without a second concussion
Until I got to a camp
Making a stupid mistake
Not looking where I was going
Crashing into a friend
Falling to the floor
Face plant straight into the cement floor
Thinking and feeling I was fine
Until not even minutes later
Vomiting into a plastic bag
Taking to the emergency room
Immediately in the car with the director of the program
Only wanting to sleep
Constantly being awaken by the director
Scared of what might happen if I sleep
Exactly 11 months later
Finding out someone slammed a door on my head
Having no clue who closed the door, why they closed door, and why/how my head was ni the door path
Getting concussion number three on the fourth of July
Five days later still barely able to remember what I did a minute ago
Six months after the third concussion
Short term memory really sucks
The simplest memory things
Always forgetting
The headaches that happen constantly
Only the worlds most annoying things ever
 The one left behind

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