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Silver Key

In a land beyond the Meditteranean Sea lived a lovely Kingdom Named Silver Key.
Days and nights were gathered and placed within a star the times of justly royal deeds
 would be preserved safely from afar.
It was the days of peace the Kingdom tried to save, a time of freedom when no one
became a slave.
A time of new life and building and love of the open land, when
Kings and Queens ruled with a carrying hand.
So it was so, they gathered pieces of precious days, now held on high.
Drifting on the cosmic air to hold those times crystal clear.
Silver Key kingdom had made a grave mistake each moment of value needed to be safe
In the heart of every Man, Woman and babe in arms.
The goodness of those days needed to stay near.
Standing within the hearts the memories would uplift without sadness or fear.
What happens to that star will be a history to revere come to join me at the campsite
For a story of glory, you must hear.
Come to see what happens in Silver Key Part Two.

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Silver Key