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Silver Key (Part Two) 

The land was struck with blight, not one grain remaining healthy in sight.
The fields unable to yield would be most unforgiving as winter was approaching with might. 
The King sent for the farmers first hand, to see how the Kingdom could heal the land.
Before the King, Farmers stood, the voice they shared was sad; not good. 
The land would be turned under and out of sight, salt and lime would smother the blight.
Feed for horses and cattle would be in great need, even the soldiers of Silver Key must now take lead.
The entire Kingdom must now take heed.
They combed the countryside to find the food that was needed for survival and a neighboring 
Kingdom came to their aid with prompt arrival.
Enough grain was given in hopes that the kingdom would go on liven.  In the fourth year, they must 
Return the favor, to the outskirts of the Kingdom that was viewed as Silver Key's Savior.
Winter froze the soil, and the disease would come to spoil. Like the sweeping of a frozen hand,
The blight had vanished from the land, Silver Key would flourish while winter's winds were blowing. 
Silver Key's star appeared suddenly as an anomaly the Kingdom had feared. 
The Star went Super Nova as the flames skies and ignites the space with particles eyes,
A star of wonder has met demise. 
The good Kings remembrance of the good sent to rest when Stardust was put to the test,
The best of the best spilled to the land and became Silver Key's healing hands.
Silver Key is a place where Gods love warmly stands.

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Silver Key (Part Two)