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 The Life Of A Fallin Rose

 My mind is reeling, ten minutes ago I had such peace and with life, I was dealing. How can everything change on a dime?  Why is it that the ones I trust over time to nourish me, every damn time destroy me? I must not fail but how my mind won't unveil. As panic sets in, I search to find the answer the, like a lamb to the slaughter, I'm simply a trusting daughter. Mustering up my strength, limply I know some how I will survive. God help me I just wanted to thrive. Someone give me a nod, say through this I will live. To this life, I pour in all I have to give. It's just never enough, I'm so tired of being tough. The strife has taken such a toll on me, just freaking let me be for once.
   Time to stop seeking allies and remember who I am going after the prize. I'm so limber That I bend but never break, this situation about to shift and quake. I'm just going to have to shake it up, showing I'll never lay down and give up then quit. In fact, I'm about to have a fit of rage, throw down, then turn the page. Watch me here I go, nobody sees it coming or could possibly know. 
  The show isn't over, It's only an intermission, I'm about to grow. My name means noble, that doesn't mean I'm immobile in the slightest. It' means I can rise to the highest. Just wait and see, you haven't even begun to discover the real me.

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