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A Journey's End

Snow drapes the hills and forest with a soft moist shield.
The heart of mankind warmly yields.
Yielding to late Autumn cold, yielding to the icy bold.
A step through time and space brings shadows of sorrow's face.
Come rise or shine my lucid soul now cross the line.
Clearer than a diamonds sheen, purer than waters clean.
I can not hesitate, the love of ancestors softly waits.
A journey traveled ends today when peace leads the way.
To hold the hand of winters past, to make the moment last.
It will not end with winter's hail, warmth is gathered in silky sails.
When winds and ten below twist and turn to blow.
A parting tempest sigh will exit to the sky.
Let salty teardrops dry when life passes by.
A journey's end will greet our eternal friend
Another life awaits beyond the Pearly Gates.

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A Journey`s End