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Blade of His Life

Another old pem

He's done
He's freaking done
He's losing my mind
He's finally done it
He has been broken to complete sadness
He has heard the voices screaming louder and louder
And here they are screaming in their highest pitch
He wants to take the knife that has made him bleed and cause not pain and misery
For it has made him fall to his knees and made him scream out in mercy
As he cut his wrist he feels it bleed it makes him scream in agony
Makes him cry makes him fall makes him want to punch a wall
But it makes him see what a terrible human being he can be
A killer in the night who doesn't care for his life
He wants to end it all right here but the one he loves has drawn near
And she made here acquaintance as she said hi almost made him want to die
For his soul and hers was meant to keep him together
But now they are no longer and now his mind will always be known as the terror of the night
And yes today he still holds that knife trying to ponder about his life.
But just to realized he has lost the one that he still loves her
knife he may contemplate we all feel he will be okay but some just don't know the pain he has been through
For he is the one who may help all but can't help himself...
...for the only thing lies on the blade of his life.

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Blade of His Life

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