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"Tea & Honey"

~~~Loving the rain is only a matter of perspective~~~

It's been rainy nights in Georgia for the past few days.
Not the type of night for searching stars to gaze.
It's wet and windy to an uncomfortable chill.
Nights for quiet reading and listening
attentively still.

Putting a log on the fire to glow its' bright blaze.
Roasting marshmallows and burning myrrh or sage.
Watching home movies or family games to play.
Handcrafting with paints, wood, or potters clay.

Great nights for Moms homemade soups, biscuits
or stews.
And listening to the soulful sounds of
"Lady Sings the Blues".

Soothing long hot baths in deep round tubs.
Big firm hands and warm oil for back rubs.
And ending each night with snuggles and hugs.
While sipping Tea & Honey from a favorite mug.

{Thank the rain for food, health, and vitality}


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`Tea & Honey`