Cats are the most cutest cuddliest puuuurrrrfect
human beings.
They love to keep a watch on life from on top
the highest things.

They're warm and softly flexible
so to wrap around your neck
Yet stubborn enough to stand firm ground no matter
your bark or beck

Highly intelligent with senses extremely alert
and profoundly keen
So selective with their affection that some may
think them mean

When you bring them foods and treats..
of their best smells and flavors
They nobly go to great lengths and time
to return to you the favor

They are aware of your motives
and know you through and through
That when you're sad and lonely
they know just what to do.

They'll come to you with cuddles and rubs
to give you much better things to think of

They'll lick you nurturing-ly from bud to stem
because in their minds you belong to them

They may take leave of your presence
from time to time
but will return to you again

They truly earn their right in your life
to be your closest friend


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre


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