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Autumn's Snow

When I looked out my window, the snow was gathering in mounds.
The twist of the wind made a bellowing sound.
Inch by inch the blizzard began to pinch.
The day was dusted, snowflakes drifting from high, as winter makes claims on land and sky.
My searching eyes find a late Autumn's mournful cry. Creeping, shifting in Winter's disguise.
Standing close to the fireplace, feeling the warmth caress my face.
Howling winds swirl about to bring the drifting to heights so stout.
Blizzards travel in a swirl and bring the landscape to a whirl.
Pushing, shoving with its might robbing warmth and snuffing light.
Looks like winter has begun, before Autumns lives out her run.
The night is filled with Autumn's Snow, to bring a chilling show, and light the night aglow.

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Autumn`s Snow