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The Majestic Mountains

When daylight beams across the mountain peaks it omits a satin shine 
The eyes of serenity searches heights above the clouds where peace stands proud.
A gentle look sweeps across the rocky peaks enclosed in ice and rains the jewels intice.
The winds of settling despair claim the air, a formation of majesty beyond compare

Untouched by the humanity the ages declare strength unstained, untouched by sorrow or pain.
The light of tomorrow stands to embrace the heart of the mountains source and bring enlightenment course.
Weep not for the cold, or heights so bold, weep for the absence of the human touch greater than gold.
The empty arms that will never hold.  Sun and wind will unfold, in ancient stories told.

Seek the warmth of ages in lost forgotten pages, revealing undertones of sages.
The witness of generations lines, hosting light of "The Devine" a part of many stages.
The altitude engages, to be the unmovable  stone of countless stages.
Weep for the land that caresses the towers stand.
A piece of time before time the loyal souls sublime 
Will make the climb.

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The Majestic Mountains