Pursuit for Happiness

Pursuit for Happiness

Today reminds me of the many
realms I have yet to roam.
I laugh with and at myself
when my concepts are blown.

I see so clearly the per
mission to become what stirs
in my heart with certainty
Begins and ends with me.

I am starting to see and under
stand I am my own woman. Self
sustained, standing firm and
supportive of my dreams.

What constitutes happiness has
been a lifelong pursuit. How one
Goes about it can open or shut the
possibility, without dispute.

Ones definition differs from another
I guess that's life's wonder, being
one yet separate from each other. A
human condition we live under.

As I reflect my past and present mine
has always been over the simple
things, loving words and deeds A
kind gesture given and received.

Catching a beautiful sunrise or sunset.
A discarded dying houseplant I found
took home and came back to life.The
gratitude both feel, its the best.

When all hope is lost and be
given the grace to help bring
a smile to their face.Out of
darkness into a loving place.

Yes it's the simplest things in
life that have brought the most
happiness.Searching comes to pass
when I can to let go the past.

I didn't say I can forget,but when I
find acceptance for my failures and
the sadness of loss, I'm blessed with
a sense of peace and for me inner peace...

Is my truest happiness

Joy Hardy
Nov 2018