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Lost Love's Pain

The night calls out so calm as it sweeps across my heart. Healing all harm.
The sadness of recent days leaves unannounced, 
One on one my thoughts become undone.
The Moon in the misty sky weeps softly with shadows sly.

A blanket of snow fill the meadows deep, while land drifts in winter's sleep.
Elusive moments arrive, to keep the night alive.
I wait to hear your voice, but silence becomes your choice. 
Darkness consumed the light and blinds loving sight.

This midnight trance has lost its chance in a solemn glance.
A heart gives love is now broken and leaves a void as an unwanted token.
A light appears that soothes all fears and mends this broken heart.
Warmth returns this night, in heavens blessed light.

Answered prayers, hope regains,
A shattered heart no longer remains.
Released from grief-filled chains. 
Healed from lost love's pain.

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Lost Love`s Pain