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~~ode to the fallen~~

I cherish that day he chose me
amongst all others.
Attentively I watched him
determinedly fight to
climbed o'er his brothers;
once upon a peculiar day
I just happened to visit a vet;
as if he was imprinted on me__
even before we'd met.

He would lay across the crest__
high upon my cheek;
and in my wandering absence
cry til tired and weak.

As If He knew his time on earth
'twas to be fairly short;
and he had come to give to me
the love
I so desperately sought.

He was an unusually unique puppy
loving, eager and trusting__
content with his puppy-life;
so happy, playful and bustling.

Strangely exotic was he,
thus the reason I named him Egypt.
Of all the loss endured he was the worst
I had to give up.
For just as his spirits were always high;
'twas his body badly corrupt.
And so his life wasn't very long, but very
quick and abrupt.

Woe to his little soul that struggled__
all throughout the night
before leaving and abandoning him
in an obedient lonely flight.

I fear his death was due...
for duties left undone__
He hadn't fulfilled the purpose
for that which he had come.
There was more for him
to share with me
more he had to give. __
What a cruel unnatural thing
to have happened that
caused him not to live.

I, being still too young at heart,
and that of waning virtue
lacked the force of fortitude to know
what was best to do.
Only to pray hopefully__
with all my childish youth
which innocently only caused me...
not to face the truth.

Outside of my secret wishes__
'twas not a single word spoken
and sadly enough he passed
away mournfully so
with both our hearts are broken.


Copyright © Niyna DeSangre


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