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A Little Tin Shack

Sally lost her family long ago in a winter storm 
In a wilderness that was not beholding.
The Winters were harsh and foreboding.
All that remained was a small shack, near a twisting train track.

Yes, in that small shack near the train station.
Was the home of Sally McLain she became accustomed 
To the sound of the tracks and train whistle, to others, it was
Bothersome as being caught in a thistle.

Sally's shack was sturdy, never unkepted or dirty.
Flowers grew on a vine morning glory's would greet 
Her each day, thirty years came to pass her home became
Fragile like glass.

One day at the sound of the whistle shook her shack 
Shattering into dust, the only home she knew a humble home
She trusted, now vanished in winds of scrupulous thrusting.
What would Sally do, she must rebuild before Winter's icy stew.

She built a shack of tin, with a fireplace within, soon she had
Shelter so fine she was safe again in the humble home with
Luster and shine.
It was a place to sleep, live, and dine.

At the age of One-hundred and two, an Angel appeared,
and took Sally home to her family above
a home built to last made from God's everlasting love.
Reunited Sally and her family brought together on the wings of a Dove.

Now when the train passes by, some say that old shack has a Woman 
In the window waving goodbye, with heavenly light that glows from her eye's
So ends the tale of Sally McLain, may she rest in peace, in Heaven's Domain.
Kindly look back and remember Sally's Little Tin Shack.

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A Little Tin Shack