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Boxes and Sleds on the Run

It was a holiday spirit that came alive.
A snow mound where our sleds took a dive.
Time in the backyard on the fresh winter's day
Wouldn't have it any other way.

My brothers and cousins gathered at the top of the hill
We took cardboard boxes and slid with a chill, we all loved the thrill.
Why bring the sleds, when boxes smoothed a path ahead.
We seldom felt the cold we were reckless and bold.

Year's later I gaze out my picture window with sentimental longing
Knowing the boxes and sleds were awesome belongings.
Up one hill down the next, the sound of laughter lightened a
load of worry and complex.

We now gather at a Thanksgiving Table for a feast to share in loving care.
So thankful that we all can be here. Happy holidays to one and to all.
Enjoy the season in fellowship, and loving reasons.
Be safe, have fun, keep the boxes and sleds on the run.

©Allseasnsverse 2018/19/11
All Rights Reserved

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Boxes and Sleds on the Run