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When I Said I Do

I wrote this for my wife and presented it to her on Nov 9th 2018 our 50th wedding anniversary.

When I said I do

Fifty years ago today we stood before God and Family
The preacher speaking as I held your hand so dearly

This long and beautiful journey that we entered
So young just beginning to walk so awkward

Each step taken leading us to new roads
Standing with you we met many crossroads

So unsure of which way we should turn
Not knowing what would be the next episode

Each day we nurtured our love for one another
Weeks months and years giving us adventure

Now on this wonderful day fifty years later
I could never find a love so grand or greater

With you my darling my life has grown
My bride my love my soul all you own

For my heart only beats for you
Just as it did when I said I do

Roberta: I love you honey. Jack

Edwin J. Smith
The Old Cowboy Poet
9 Nov 2018

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When I Said I Do

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