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Opportunity to leave this Island suddenly appeared, securing most of what we feared. 
Civilization awaits, there is a temptation to remain on this rugged terrain,
Only the wild and unsettled will remain.  I'm too soft around the edges, I've worked
My fingers to the bone now I have a chance to have the comforts of home. 

It was a clipper ship of the Brittish Navy sailing near the coast, England 
Was my birthplace, in recent years I realized its worth. 
Shipwrecked on this Island four years ago, my crew dying off one by
One, the tropics full of dangers bringing life undone.

Anchors have secured the vessel; rowboats come in our direction,
It was a plea answered for our protection. The English Captain understood
His morals were fair and extremely good he would rescue the lot of 
Us as a fine Captain should.

The twelve of us remained, it was a peace that my crew had gained.
No matter the place, time, or condition, life travelers are subject to natures petition.
Make the best of what you have and live with the rest, you can be certain 
You'll be put to the test.

As we boarded the Clipper my heart started to race, I would return to my birthplace.
Days passed, we weathered a few storms but we docked in a few weeks in the place 
I called home. Civilization gave us a welcomed invitation, quite taken by our frail appearance
England placed quarantine upon presentation.

The frail condition of my crew gave a reason for concern.  Dark, dry wrinkly skin and coarse hair
Gave the Medical personnel reasons for an intervention, before we could have safety mingle in full presentation.
So full medical workup commenced for a healthy defense.  The families await the crew's return.
now placed in quarantine for further concern.

(Watch for Castaways part Two, to know the fate of the crew)

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