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Precious Light

Lace and velvet of royal cloth, silver rings that ease life's sting.
Flesh will fail, the soul will sail to a better place when salvation hails.
What darkness holds the light, will become the flame of night.
Destiny ignites a pure stream of precious light.

Look away from soil, to let freedom greet heartache's spoil.
Rise to soar in Angels guide, and let all sorrows cast aside.
Bring silence to the maddening sounds to creature fully earthbound.
Peace infects the troubled heart and gives life a refreshing start.

Look into the faces that hold your name and lift them from cold forsaken blame.
Bring the flames of freeing love and soothe their coldness with a satin glove.
Hand down the tears to rivers flow, and witness a subtle glow.
Days seldom last, when sorrows fly on past.

Rise to the rainbow of life's light, it could be a continuous fight.
The toil will fall to smite, the heart will warm in sweet delight.
Walk proud and live life's wondrous drape, allow the pain to escape.
The full dimension of the frame will hold Heaven's peace in His Holy Name.

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Precious Light