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Nature's Gleam

A soft and gentle snow whispers as the North Winds Blow.
A dance of deer in my backyard draws near. 
A simple dusting snow begins to shimmer and glow.
The face of wildland creatures refects subtle loving features.

It is the time of year where songs are sung with cheer, a melody of peace on earth, a stanza of love and worth.
One look upon this vibrant scene, where woodland life spirits' stream.
You might mistake this as a dream, but I assure you it's nature's gleam.
On days of grey skies and nights of Moonlight shine, let the restless spirit climb.

No better time than here and now to find a piece of tranquil glow in the newborn virgin snow.
The moment passes quickly so watch for shadows of warm hearts of Fawn and Doe.
A gentle sweep of Autumn's sleep lies in the soils keep.
Know the song of golden times ring in the sound of winds gentle chimes.

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Nature`s Gleam