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"To Desire You"

I desire you __ not lust for you; the birth of my
yearning is not that of the lower realms.

My desire of you, my love, is to be your inspiration
and is kindled from the dawning of my intellect.

The desire to be the skin that protects your flesh
is of my nurturing nature.

The desire to be the blood flowing through your
veins is born out of the new quality of life we share.

To desire to be the words spoken from your lips is of
the mere likeness of our minds.

To desire to be the beat of your heart is of our union
born out of "He and She created "He" them".

You are__I am; we.
Your heart beats__ I live; our life.
As above__so below; siraat (the path).
Alpha__Omega; Omni, eternal


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`To Desire You`